Please Don't Sue Me

by Kirk Pearson

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    This album is made entirely out of 956 audio clips. As a gesture, it is and always will be absolutely free. Please download and share. Thanks!
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This album is made entirely out of 956 audio clips. 872 of them are under copyright by the United States government. If legally negotiated, the royalties of this album would total $131 per unit sold. Five days after I released the collection, I received an email from the RIAA asking me to take it down.

It brings up a great, although difficult question: what is originality?

As composers, we are bombarded with dozens of ideas daily, and it's our job to weed through them and find the seeds for future pieces. But when we write something, who's to say we invented it? What if all of our compositions are just "greatest hits" composites of our musical existence? 'Please Don't Sue Me' is a collection of ten thoroughly composed pieces with the original bits of inspiration tacked right back in. This isn't a mixtape EP, it's what music would sound like if composers directly cited their influences.

So here's to the artists, the makers and the dreamers. Welcome to a world where, thanks to the Internet, we need not be afraid of crediting our inspiration. Until then, take the idea with a grain of salt. And please, please don't sue me.


released July 12, 2011

"Composed," "Mixed," "Performed" and "Arranged" by Kirk Pearson (Electronics, Clarinet, Strings)

"Composed," "Mixed," "Performed" and "Arranged" by 800+ recordings, made by any number of people- from one to one hundred.




Kirk Pearson New York

Electronic noisemaker/
sound collector/
aural storyteller/that kid you kinda knew in high school.

Most importantly, composer of electronic music and player of mandolins. Studier at Oberlin Conservatory.

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