Hello MIDI

from by Kirk Pearson

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Paradise was lost and so small; it's cylindrical cables won't help you at all.
Failed saxophones, musette drones, chordophones all fraught with folderol.
They all said that we had a choice but no one wants to choose, I'm seeing you again.

Hello MIDI, it's been a while. Binary file.

Glowing like a file; in states and waits to be deported. I've waited a while; in dates, contemplates on being exported.

Send your constituents to the battlefield with something to say. But as the MIDI driver converts the signal it doesn't yield any notes to play, any time today.

Now I've hit sixteen and I'm seen as the kid who would never get out of the scene. Living with a prochronistic head, alive and allure but in an epoch millennia in the future. Your generation's deteriorating, so what are you going to do? Lie before the anacrusis, we pick up after you. I'm seeing you again.

Hello MIDI, it's been a while. Binary file.


from The Plastic Family, released December 5, 2011
Kirk Pearson- Processing, Vocals
Griffin Jennings- Sampled Guitar (From 'Ball and Chain')




Kirk Pearson New York

Electronic noisemaker/
sound collector/
aural storyteller/that kid you kinda knew in high school.

Most importantly, composer of electronic music and player of mandolins. Studier at Oberlin Conservatory.

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